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MADISON, FL (January 05, 2017)Garbage pickup schedule for upcoming holiday

The City of Madison’s garbage pickup schedule for the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr., Day holiday will be the following:

Household and commercial garbage will be picked up on both sides of the city on Friday, Jan. 13 and Tuesday, Jan. 17. Recycle will be picked up on its regular schedule.

Madison City Hall will be closed Monday, Jan. 16.

MADISON, FL (January 03, 2017)Sewer smoke-testing

The City of Madison will conduct smoke testing of its sewer lines on Jan. 17 – 19 south of U.S. 90, weather-permitting. The three days of testing will occur from Macon Street in the north to Georgetown Road and Old County Camp Road in the south, and from Christmas Tree Drive and Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive in the west to Byrd Avenue in the east. Jeanette Circle is included.

The purpose of the smoke testing is to locate sources of sewer odors, plus leaks and breaks in sewer lines. The smoke is harmless, is white to yellowish white in color, and may have a slight odor. It is harmless to plants and animals and leaves no residuals or stains. If smoke gets into your house, ventilate your house.

Local and Regional News

For up to date news in Madison and the surrounding area, go to the links listed below.

The Madison County Carrier is published Wednesday and the Enterprise Recorder is published on each Friday. Greene Publishing owns both local papers.

WCTV Channel 6 is based in Tallahassee, Florida and covers Madison and surrounding counties. WCTV can be found on Madison local cable and satellite networks.

Check out the link to the Madison County Chamber of Commerce to explore the City of Madison and Madison County and to obtain information about special events and business opportunities.


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